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Building Relationships at Harvard

Balboa Intetnational Education CEO, David Wisner (far right) and Libby Zhang, Vice President (far left) and Balboa School Executive Director, Zachary Jones (2nd from the right) attended an education conference at Harvard. Pictured below are the teams talking with the keynote speakers of the conference.

Studying "mood" in Literature Class

Students at the Dongguan, China Dual Diploma Program studying "mood" as a literary tool by creating tissuepaper stained glass.  One student said, "I love going to Mrs. Barr's literature class. She always has new and exciting ways to make the class interesting. None of my Chinese teachers would ever think to do this."

Teachers vs. Students Baskbetball Game

The teachers and students at the international program at Quanzhou No 5 High School played a basketball game against each other to celebrate another successful year of completed classes. It was a great game and the teachers narrowly won 27-26.  After the game the students said they look forward to a rematch next year.


巴尔博亚国际教育祝贺中国成都的双文凭高中项目学生毕业! 所有学生都被录取到美国顶尖的大学,包括密歇根州立大学,雪城大学,宾夕法尼亚州立大学,华盛顿大学 - 西雅图校区,科罗拉多大学 - 波尔德分校和普渡大学。 我们期待这些学生在接下来的大学生活中更精彩的表现。

Chengdu Graduates

Balboa International Education congratulates the graduates from our Dual Diploma High School Program in Chengdu, China! All students have been accepted into top universities including, Michigan State University, Syracuse University, Penn State University, University of Washington – Seattle, University of Colorado – Boulder and Purdue University. We look forward to hearing great things from these students as they start the next step of their life.