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Aston Educational Group (note: this font bigger than 2 below)

Balboa Group

Aston (China)

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Text 1:

Aston Educational Group (AEG)  is a professional international education group started in the United States that delivers language training and K12 educational programs around the world.


AEG operates more than 140 training centers, schools, programs and businesses in over 90 cities in China, Vietnam, Canada and the United States. Over the years, AEG has provided language training services for over one million students, provided high-end kindergarten through twelfth grade (K12) programs to students in both North America and Asia, and sent thousands of students on study and tour trips abroad.


AEG students have been admitted to every top 20 American university, and AEG has gained high praise for providing first class educational programs to students around the world.

Text 40:

Our Mission


The mission of Aston Educational Group is to provide a diverse educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity and builds the social skills necessary for college, career and civic life.

Text 41:

Our Vision

Through our American system of education, focused on creativity, communication, life skills and team work, to prepare today’s children to succeed in a future world dominated by technology.

Text 1A: 

Core Values


Cultural Diversity
Leadership and Initiative
Passion and Creativity
Social and Emotional Well-being


Strong International Companies


Balboa Group Logo

B: Aston China Logo

Text 1B:

Balboa Group is focused on the expansion of K12 international education programs across Asia and North America.  These are Balboa School, - a private 1-12 college-preparatory school located in Escondido, California, Balboa International Education K12 Programs, which is a fast-growing business focused on providing American kindergarten to high school programs around the world, Balboa International Education College Counseling – a professional college counseling and overseas study provider, Balboa International Education Study Abroad - a complete study abroad and short term immersion trip provider, Balboa Aston Vietnam – an English language programs provider to Vietnamese students with an emphasis on oral English for children, and Balboa Study Aston – an ESL language school which is focused on helping young adults and adults to master the English language and succeed in the global village.

Text 1C:

Aston China is AEG’s largest business and has a focus on language training, test-prep and study abroad services in mainland China.  The businesses included in Aston China are Aston English Schools – Aston’s market-leading English language training brand for kids ages 3-18, New Horizons Schools – Aston’s elite test preparation and Language Arts School, JiaHua Language Schools – Aston’s professional adult language training brand, Aston Abroad – a full service study abroad provider, as well as Aston’s Publishing and R&D Businesses.



Text 3: 

2017 - Balboa International Education expands to Fuqing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Longyan, Hefei

2016 – Balboa International Education expands to Vietnam

2016 - Balboa International Education expands to Dongguan, Julong, Zijiang, Kaifeng, Harbin, Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang and Hegang

2015 - Balboa International Education expands to Dalian

2014 - Balboa International Education expands to Chengdu

2014- Aston Vietnam opens its 6th school in Can Tho, Vietnam

2014 – Balboa International Education’s first graduates at Quanzhou are accepted by top 100 universities, including 16 accepted by top 50 universities.

2013 – Aston Vietnam establishes its 4th school in Ho Chi Minh City, and 5th school in Hai Phong

2013 – Aston acquires New Horizons, a top ranked SAT test preparation and language arts school with three locations in Shanghai.

2012- Aston Abroad is established to provide ethical and cost effective overseas study services to students across Asia.

2012- Balboa International Education is fully established to allow international high school (dual diploma) programs

2012 - Shenzhen Jia Hua Language School joins Aston Educational Group.

2012 – Jinan Aston marks Aston’s 100th School

2010 - Aston English centers are officially recognized by Boston Educational Services (BES) to deliver SLATE and iTEP exams at Aston centers in China.

2008 – Aston establishes first school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2000 – Aston English School’s success in Dalian triggers its rapid expansion across China for the next 10 years.

1999 – Aston English Schools is established in Jinan, China

1998 – Aston Education, Research and Development Division is established, with offices in China and the U.K.

1997 – Aston Global Recruitment Division is established in Washington Boro, New Jersey

1996 – Aston Education enters Chinese market in Dalian.

1992 – Aston International Academy established in Austin, Texas

1991 – Balboa School established in San Diego, California.

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E: Picture of David Wisner

F: Picture of Libby Zhang

G: Picture of Yang Donghua

H: Picture of James Rice

I: Picture of Adam Godwin

J: Picture of Zachary Jones

K: Picture of JP Guill

L: Picture of Charles Lundgren

Text 4:

David Wisner

Chairman and Founder of AEG

CEO of Balboa Group

President of Balboa School

Mr. Wisner is Aston Educational Group’s Chairman and founder, and the CEO of Balboa Group and President of Balboa School. He has led the development and expansion of Aston Educational Group since its inception.  He received his B.A. in English Literature from UCLA and holds a certificate in College Admissions from Harvard.

Text 5: 

Adam Godwin

CEO, Aston China

Director, AEG


Mr. Godwin joined Aston in 2004 and serves as the CEO of Aston (China) and as a Director of AEG. He previously served as the Chief Operations Officer of AEG from 2011 to 2015, and before that as the Executive Vice President, Director of the Dalian Aston English School and Deputy Director for Aston’s Northeast Region. Mr. Godwin is a fluent Mandarin speaker and holds a B.A. in Economics and Chinese from University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Text 6: 

Libby Zhang

Vice President of Balboa

International Education


Ms. Zhang is, the Vice President of Balboa International Education, a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling,  Western Association of College Admission Counseling, a Member of the Association of International Educators, the Founder of New Synergy Institute, and a Member of the Extra-Curricular Association to the Chinese Education Ministry. Libby holds a B.A. from North West University and a certificate from Harvard.

Text 7:

Zachary Jones

Executive Director of Balboa School


Mr. Jones is the Executive Director of Balboa School. He has established himself as a winner and innovator at all levels of Education and Sports for the last three decades. He has more than 17 years of experience serving as Principal or Vice Principal at various schools.

Text 8:

Yang Donghua

President, Aston (China)

Director, AEG


Mr. Yang joined Aston in 1999 and has played a key role in Aston’s national and international expansion.  He served as Vice President of Legal Affairs and Business Development for several years, and later as Chairman of Balboa Study Aston. He is currently the President of Aston (China). Mr. Yang received his B.A. in Chemical Engineering from Dalian University of Technology.

Text 9:

JP Guill


General Manager of Aston Vietnam


Mr. Guill is currently the GM of Balboa International’s Aston Vietnam. He has an MBA in International Banking from the Formation Professionelle de Banque in Paris.

Text 10:

James Rice

Vice President of Balboa International Study Aston

Mr. Rice has provided the vision of Study Aston at Toronto and the Study It textbook series. He saw the future in 2012 and began investing in the transformation of Study Aston at Toronto. He is currently the VP of Study Aston in North America.


Text 11:

Charles Lundgren


Director of Marketing and Sales, Balboa International

Executive Assistant to the CEO, Balboa International


Mr. Lundgren earned his B.A. from the University of Albany.  Charles has worked in management and educational positions for ILA Vietnam, New Oriental in China, and a prestigious private school in Southern California before joining the Balboa International team.  Mr. Lundgren is currently based in Vietnam leading the Balboa International Worldwide expansion.

Additional Text:


Gabriel Csele

Education Director, Balboa International Education

Mr. Csele has been a teacher and teacher trainer for 15 years teaching primary, middle and high school students.  He has lived in worked in Australia, Hungary and China. He is also actively involved with teacher development and his areas of interest include curriculum development, e-learning and using technology in the classroom.


Ryan Douglas

Executive Director, Balboa International Education. 

Mr. Douglas received his B.A. in Physical Science from Lancaster University in the UK. He has over ten years experience working in education throughout Europe and China. He has held various positions at Aston Education Group and Balboa International. and in his current position is responsible for western administration, HR and recruitment.

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Balboa School


West Coast United States Map, showing Escondido


Balboa School Logo split between 2 pages

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Text 12:

"Embrace Learning, Embrace the Future - At Balboa School, we embrace the differences, gifts, and talents of students from around the world. We encourage and stimulate the various lights that shine so brightly in each of our young people today” - Zachary Jones, Executive Director, Balboa School

Text 13: 

Balboa School, founded in 1991, is a private, comprehensive, college-preparatory school in Escondido, California serving students in grades 1-12.   Students come from communities throughout Southern California and internationally, and the school is recognized for its personalized curriculum, dedicated staff, and modern facilities.  The Balboa School difference has created a student body that is culturally diverse.  The school is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Text 14: 

Outcome is Important


Balboa School provides students with a rich and wide range of topics in the curriculum. All classes are created to be interesting for the students and are small in student number, which provides a positive learning environment. The positive learning environment created by Balboa School encourages students to participate in classroom discussion and improve their social skills.  The majority of Balboa courses have been approved by the University of California’s A-G system.

Text 15:



The Balboa School’s athletic program directly addresses the root causes that result in highly-gifted, at-risk youth athletes becoming disengaged with academics – insecurity with

subject matter, poor decision-making skills, and lack of motivation and positive reinforcement.

A: Map of programs in China (no city names, just dot on map) @Designer team: you will need to create this

B: Picture of DDP Program (teacher and students)

C: Picture of Middle School Program

D: Picture of Elementary Program

E: Balboa International Education Logo (split between two pages)

Text 16:

Dual Diploma Program

Balboa International Education, cooperating with the local high school, allows the local high school students to register with a program offering both their local diploma and an American diploma. Students who meet the academic requirements to receive a diploma from each school will receive two diplomas recognized by the government of each country.

Text 17:

Middle School Program

The Balboa International Education Middle School Program allows for students to learn the same curriculum as their peers in California. The program runs the same duration as the local middle school and successful students receive a certificate of completion. This certificate demonstrates that the student has a solid foundation for success while studying abroad or continuing in an international program.

Text 18: The Balboa International Education Elementary School program’s goal is to help students enjoy learning, build positive self-esteem and explore their full potential while preparing them for success in middle school and beyond. Class sizes are small and, as a result, students learn more effectively than they do in large traditional classrooms. Rules, expectations, and homework are well communicated and the positive learning experiences encourage students to engage with the curriculum and work towards mastery of academic goals.

A: Balboa International Education College Counseling

B: College Counseling Picture (to get from Libby)

Text 19:

Balboa International Education (Balboa Group) College Counseling helps students apply for American, Canadian and Australian universities; in addition to providing services for extra-curricular activities planning, pro forma guidance, and study abroad applications.  Using our own high-quality education resources and full-time professional counsellors, we are able to help our kids get into the schools that best fit their needs.

Text 20:

University Acceptances

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A: BIE Study Abroad Logo

B: Picture of students studying abroad

C: Picture of Student

Text 21: @Design team: Libby will provide

Text 22: Student testimonial of Study Abroad

A: Balboa Aston Vietnam Logo

B: Picture of Aston Vietnam

C: Map of Vietnam with locations of schools (just dots no city name)

Text 23:

Balboa Group's Aston Vietnam is an English language training company operating schools in multiple cities across Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and Hai Phong.  Aston Vietnam has a stable base of loyal students with a high re-sign rate due to highly-qualified teachers, the exclusive curriculum, teacher training and the comprehensive development strategy “Study Aston Umbrella” for students.

A: Study Aston Logo

B: Toronto Pic

C: Austin Pic

Text 24:

Balboa Group's Study Aston Toronto is based in Toronto, Canada.  100% of the study materials of Study Aston Toronto are digital. They use the unique digital textbook series "Study It,” which is available to download on iTunes. The school has been voted as the “Best Language School in Toronto” for 03 consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015).

Text 25:

Balboa Group's Study Aston Austin is located in Austin, Texas, United States.  The goal of Study Aston Austin classes is to help students develop their ability to speak and listen to English in real-life situations. Study Aston Austin bases its classes on communicative activities that focus on every day and academic language and aim to develop the core skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

A: Aston English Logo

B: Map of Aston Schools in China (not the blue map) (just map of China with dots, not city names)

C: New Horizons Logo

D: Jiahua Logo

E: Aston Abroad Logo

F: Aston Publishing and R&D Logo

Text 26:

Aston English is a brand of professional English Language training centers that focus on speaking and listening skills for 3-18-year-olds. Since the first school was established in Dalian, China in 1996, over 110 language centers have been established in 80 cities across China and the schools service tens of thousands of students every semester. Aston English is the only English language training brand in China hailing from the USA which is specifically designed for Chinese children.

Text 27:

New Horizons, founded in 2006, offers exceptional SAT and ACT test-preparation courses and Language Arts programs that help students gain admission into some of the world’s best universities. New Horizons utilizes original textbooks, customized score-analysis software, and a revolutionary program specifically designed to teach the SSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP/IB exams to China’s diverse range of international-school students.

Text 28:

Established in 2009, JiaHua provides professional services in English and Mandarin language training for adults and maintains a thriving learning community for its students. JiaHua currently operates schools in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.

Text 29: 

Aston Abroad provides a complete line of study abroad opportunities to Chinese students. Aston Abroad offers comprehensive advising and selection services, helping students and families find cost-effective study abroad opportunities at the university, high school and middle school levels as well as short-term educational travel and tourism programs for students and adults.  Students and families are able to easily access knowledgeable staff and resources at locations across China.

Text 30:

Aston has created, published and distributed both traditional and contemporary education solutions to over one million students over the years.  These products include: over 40 comprehensive course book series, mobile apps, comprehensive educational software programs, online training platforms, iPad textbooks, interactive whiteboard materials, and exam testing solutions. Aston China has its own wholesale book distribution license as well as an advanced ordering and distribution process.

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