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Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School (West Campus)


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Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School (West Campus)

Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

(Tianfu New District)

Chengdu International Airport, several train stations


Yes, 3 free meals per day in the school's cafeteria



All classes between 10-30 students, average 18 /class

Literature (Intro, World, American & British), 5-6 classes (grades 9-12)

Writing, 5-6 classes (grades 9-12)
US History, 1-2 classes (grade 11)

US Government, 1-2 classes (grade 12, Fall semester only) Economics, 1-2 classes (grade 12, Spring semester only) Beginner science, 1 class (grade 9, Spring semester only)

The school is located around 40 min-1 hour from the downtown area in Chengdu. A taxi costs 10-20 RMB to the nearest subway stop. The subway can take you anywhere in the city. There are buses that go from the school to the subway station every 15 minutes near the school and accommodation. Public taxis are difficult to find near campus, but easy to find a Didi (China Uber), or public bikes.
The school is a beautiful campus, in one of the nicer parts of Chengdu. There is pollution everywhere in the city but the school’s surrounding area has lots of trees and is very comfortable. There are a businesses close by the school, but require a 15-20 minute walk in one of three directions, or a bus ride/bike ride. There are a few convenient stores, restaurants, cafés/bars, a traditional Chinese market place, internet cafes, a few western style restaurants, an inexpensive movie theatre, and a supermarket. Bigger supermarkets, more western restaurants, bars, etc. are located in the city which is easy to travel to on the weekend or sometimes after work. We encourage teachers to explore the surrounding area, because there is plenty to do and see. There are several gyms nearby, some with pools, membership prices vary. Teachers receive a discount price at one of the gyms/pools nearby. Across the street is a beautiful residential community and a very famous golf course and driving range, though golf is more expensive in China.

The accommodation is a single walk up apartment next to campus. There are two small balconies with for a washer and hot water heater. There is a western style toilet, small kitchen area with sink, refrigerator, table, and chairs. All apartments have a water dispenser with large water jugs available for free delivery. Utilities and internet is paid for. There is also a small convenient store on the first floor of the building.

If a teacher wishes they can receive a housing allowance. There are several communities nearby the school, within 20 minute walking distance.

On or Off Campus

The school is very large, containing a middle and high school. Our program houses only around 100 of the students that attend here. Other students are in an all Chinese high school program or there is also a French and German program.

The school offers all foreign staff a card that will receive 100 RMB every month to be used at a small store on campus. Although the store is very small, it can help cover costs of simple items, stationary, snacks, etc. every month.

There is a printing office on campus and a supply store. Although the workers there don’t speak any English, they are very friendly and helpful. Simply ask for help and the school’s staff will help out.

Chengdu has a large foreign population and has many restaurants and bars in town. There is a countless amount of things to do in town and it is easy to take a bus or train to nearby locations. There are mountains, old traditional towns, ancient historical sights, a panda base, famous shopping areas, amusement parks, and more. We are also close to other interesting places in China like Yunnan and Tibet. Flight and train costs are affordable and a few day trip is doable during longer holidays.

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