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Elementary Curriculum 

Balboa International Education Elementary Program offers an American style curriculum to students in Grade 1 through Grade 5.  Students receive multi-modal learning experiences, small class sizes and a curriculum specifically developed for local children. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences are placed on a par with pedagogical demands. Students learn through direct instruction, peer interaction, and classroom discussions.

Our staff is trained on how to deliver instruction. We use the “I do it, You do it, We do it” method (model, prompt, check), and content is taught until mastery is reached.


  • Language Arts (G1-5)

  • Spelling/Phonics (G1-5)

  • Art (G1-5)

  • Writing (G4-5)

  • Social Studies (G4-5)

  • Science (G4-5)


Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday of each week and is comprised of independent practice of previously learned skills. Immediate feedback and positive reinforcement helps our students build self-esteem and feel successful in the academic setting.


Balboa International Education Elementary Program cooperates with local schools to offer students the opportunity to study American elementary school courses in their local schools using a curriculum based on the California Common Core State Standards and designed by our team of expert educators. The aim of the program is to help students develop a love of learning, build positive self-esteem and explore their full potential while preparing them for success in elementary school and beyond. Small class size ensures that learning is more effective than in larger, traditional classrooms. Rules, expectations and homework are well-communicated to students and parents. The Balboa International Education Primary Program strives to create positive learning experiences that encourage students to engage with the curriculum and work towards mastery of academic goals.


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