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Company Introduction

While working at Balboa Introduction Education, you will hear two names: Balboa and Aston.  These are the short versions of the two divisions of our company.  Formally they are Balboa Group and Aston China, which are both divisions of AEG (Aston Educational Group).  AEG is our parent company.  As an employee you will work for Balboa International Education, part of the Balboa Group, but we do want you to know that you are part of an extended family here in China and throughout the world.

AEG Introduction

Aston Educational Group (AEG)  is a professional international education group started in the United States that delivers language training and K12 educational programs around the world.


AEG operates more than 140 training centers, schools, programs and businesses in over 90 cities in China, Vietnam, Canada and the United States. Over the years, AEG has provided language training services for over one million students, provided high-end kindergarten through twelfth grade (K12) programs to students in both North America and Asia, and sent thousands of students on study and tour trips abroad.


AEG students have been admitted to every top 20 American university, and AEG has gained high praise for providing first class educational programs to students around the world.

Our Mission


The mission of Aston Educational Group is to provide a diverse educational environment that promotes high academic standards, cultivates creativity and builds the social skills necessary for college, career and civic life.

Our Vision

Through our American system of education, focused on creativity, communication, life skills and team work, to prepare today’s children to succeed in a future world dominated by technology.


Core Values - CLIPS


Cultural Diversity
Leadership and Initiative
Passion and Creativity
Social and Emotional Well-being

Balboa Group

Balboa Group is focused on the expansion of K12 international education programs across Asia and North America.  The divisions of Balboa Group are:

Balboa International Education K12 Programs (your division) - a fast-growing business focused on providing American kindergarten to high school programs around the world.

Balboa School - a private 1-12 college-preparatory school located in Escondido, California.


Balboa International Education College Counseling – a professional college counseling and overseas study provider.


Balboa International Education Study Abroad - a complete study abroad and short term immersion trip provider.


Balboa Aston Vietnam – an English language programs provider to Vietnamese students with an emphasis on oral English for children.  These are schools are located in 3 cities across Vietnam.


Balboa Study Aston – two ESL language school which are focused on helping young adults and adults to master the English language and succeed in the global village.  These schools are located in Toronto, Canada and Austin, Texas. 

Aston China

Aston China is AEG’s largest business and has a focus on language training, test-prep and study abroad services in mainland China.  The divisions of Aston China are:


Aston English Schools – Aston’s market-leading English language training brand for kids ages 3-18, located in dozens of cities across China. 


New Horizons Schools – Aston’s elite test preparation and Language Arts School, located in Shangahi, China.


JiaHua Language Schools – Aston’s professional adult language training brand located in various cities in Guangdong Province.


Aston Abroad – a full service study abroad provider, located throughout China.


Aston Publishing and R&D Businesses

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