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Balboa International Education Recruitment

Why Balboa?

Have you ever said to yourself, "This 9-5 job isn't for me?" or "I want a job where I can make a difference?" or "I want to explore somewhere new?"  If so, then Balboa International Education is the place for you.  Learn more about us and our exciting employment opportunities.

Our Locations


Balboa International Education (BIE) is a professional international education group started in the United States that offers students the ability to earn an American diploma internationally in our international dual diploma high school program.  Additionally, Balboa International Education offers international middle school and international elementary school programs that allow students to improve their English, learn 21st century skills, and become global citizens. 

Our Programs

Dual diploma

high school

Aim higher by preparing students for university overseas by teaching college preparatory high school courses.  Successful students receive an American diploma.

middle school

Give students the solid foundation they need to be successful in an English speaking education environment.

elementary school

Teach a variety of classes to Chinese students including spelling, social studies, arts and crafts, music, physical education and more.

single course

Give students a true American experience by teaching a selected single high school course to a school of eager and excited students. 

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Important Details



Plan lessons, grade assignments and keep detailed records for all students. 
Participate in weekly teacher meetings, Chinese High School functions, conference call with other teachers teaching the same subject, student activities and extracurricular activities. 
Utilize standard US curriculum, textbooks, and classroom PowerPoint presentations while also adapting your class to meet the needs of the student. 




University degree in any subject (education-related degree preferred) 

At least 2 years teaching experience.

Passport holder from the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand (due to government work visa regulations)

Experience teaching US curriculum or ESL is an advantage 

Salary and Benefits

Part-time contracts with 9 teaching hours start at 9,000 RMB

Full-time contracts with up to 25 teaching hours start at 14,000 RMB

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