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  • Balboa International Education offers a full U.S. education, including honors and Advanced Placement Courses.

  • High school classes are designed to be integrated with the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and IELTS test preparation classes.

  • All courses are taught using original American high school textbooks.

  • Students' grades are evaluated using the most advanced grading and student evaluation system, ensuring that all students are assessed in the most accurate way.

  • Balboa International Education  has successfully helped numerous international and dual diploma high school students gain acceptance into their dream universities.

  • Balboa International Education  provides programs with an excellent support team.


Balboa International Education offers the following courses to Dual Diploma students.

  • Introduction to Literature and Writing A

  • Introduction to Literature and Writing B

  • World Literature and Writing A

  • World Literature and Writing B

  • American Literature and Writing

  • British Literature and Writing

  • American History A

  • American History B

  • American Government

  • Economics


Honors curriculum is an optional addition to the high school dual diploma program for students with a higher English level. These courses different from the standard curriculum in that they delve deeper into subject matter and the courses are taught at a faster speed to accommodate the students' learning abilities. Honors courses also put a much stronger focus on independent learning and critical thinking, both of which are essential for success in university. Class participation is also encouraged by providing honors students with a much smaller teacher-to-student ratio.


AP courses are a type of course developed by the American College Board. The courses allow students currently enrolled in the Balboa School High School Dual Diploma program to take advanced level courses that will offer them university credit. AP exams are recognized by universities all over the United States and completion of classes allow students a greater variety of classes in university, as the students will be able to take a larger amount of electives. Top schools in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Princeton value students who have completed AP courses.


At Balboa International Education  we suggest students interested in the High School Dual Diploma program join our "Dual Diploma Preparatory Classes," which can start the last semester of middle school. American teachers with experience teaching middle school English curriculum and American liberal arts will teach these courses. This will not only enhance students' English language skills, but also help build interesting in joining the High School Dual Diploma program. Students will gain an understanding of the American teaching style in before the program begins and this will provide a good foundation for participation in the High School Dual Diploma Program.


Our teachers are highly qualified American teachers who work closely with Balboa International Education to ensure all students receive an excellent education.


To ensure that the education between the international and American classrooms are properly synchronized, all of the classroom materials used in internationally are the same as the classroom materials used at Balboa School in California.  The literature class consists of different stories, poems, plays, and non-fiction written by the more well-known British and American authors.  The American history classes work in chronological order to highlight American most important historical events.  The economics textbooks explains the basic concepts of economics, while also explaining current American economic policies and thought.  The American Government course explains the history of the American government and other important related content.


The Balboa International Education High School Dual Diploma Program is responsible for submitting and translating the students' American and local course transcripts at the end of the second to last year of the program.  Balboa International Education will provide all students with the records that are required to apply to a student's dream school.


The Balboa International Education High School Dual Diploma Program tracks the students daily activities and creates a diverse assessment of the student, allowing local administrators and the Balboa team to track the students' development easily. We use an online grade and attendance tracking software called PowerSchool. PowerSchool allows for international students to be enrolled concurrently with American students, using the same system. Online systems allows for administrators in the United States to easily monitor student achievement and attendance records of international students. 


The role of the letter of recommendation is an important and necessary part of the university application process that cannot be ignored. The letter of recommendation is considered to be one of the materials used by admission boards to evaluate applicants and is essential for receiving scholarships. The Balboa International Education High School Dual Diploma program provides students with the letters of recommendation that are required by university applicants.


The Balboa International Education High School Dual Diploma program offers students two different education paths:

3+0 Path: Students will complete the entire high school education locally at their high school.


Balboa International Education, cooperating with local high schools and domestic high school students, allows the students to register with a program offering a two country education. Students must meet the academic requirements to receive a diploma from each school, and will receive two diplomas recognized by the government of each country.


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