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Julong Foreign Language School

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Julong Foreign Language School

Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

Quanzhou International Airport, Xiamen International Airport




The program at Julong teachers both elementary and high school programs. 

Elementary: Grade 1: Language Arts, Phonics, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music

High School: Grade 10 and Grade 11: Writing, Literature, and US History.

Julong is a developed school with a beautiful scenery surrounded by a quiet town and vacation homes, approximately 20 minutes from Huian county and 30 minutes from a bustling city called Quanzhou.  A taxi from Quanzhou city to the school is approximately 50 RMB one way, less than $8 USD. The school is on an enclosed campus with 24 hour gated security.  All classes are on campus and walking distance from faculty resident. 

On Campus



Julong town offers three small rustic restaurants and a grocery store walking distance from the school campus.  Two offer sit down dining and the other serves up buffet style meals.  The town is also home to two coffee houses one overlooking Julong lake and the other in a small store front that offers imported goods.  (The owner is very personable and. will order items you request).  Many tea houses are dotted around the town and a piano bar in the middle of the lake offers late night snacks with entertainment.  A short bus ride for 2 RMB ($0.33) or a 20 RMB ($3.00) tax ride will get you to Huian county where you can shop for daily supplies and enjoy local entertainment.  In search of western amenities you can travel to Quanzhou and visit Le' Show, a bar and coffee shop strip dedicated to foreigners and expats.  The area is also home to small boutiques and a barber shop.  If in need of foreign groceries you can visit the basement of Wanda mall and find Tesco supermarket or you can take a quick ride to Metro, which provides a large selection of imported wines and spirits and wholesale imports ranging from tens to toiletries.  There are a number of Starbucks and local coffee shops that rival Starbucks selection of pastries and drinks.  McDonalds and Pizza Hut can also be found in the area but Mau Mau a local Pizza shop owned by native Sicilian surpasses Pizza Hut. 

Local attractions include thrifty shopping in Huian or higher end shopping in Quanzhou. Summer beach trips to Chongwu beach. Movie night in Huian or Quanzhou. If you prefer historical sites you can visit Quanzhou temples. Julong Town is also known as a quiet tourist attraction because of its serene landscape and tropical foliage.  The climate around Julong is tropical for most of the year and winter months serve cool breezy days with the temperature not dropping below 55 degrees F. The area is quite mountainous and forested and great for cyclists. 


Huian has it’s own high speed railway station a 10 minute walk from the school or a 5 minute bus ride:  Quanzhou less than 10 minutes , Xiamen North Station 20 minutes and Xiamen 40 minutes.  For longer excursion Shenzhen/Hong Kong (across the border in Shenzhen) 4.5 hours, Shanghai 6 hrs.  Wuyi Mountain National Park is 2 hrs away.  Taiwan is geographically close and can be accessed by train to Xiamen North Station and around 50 RMB ($8.00) taxi to the ferry station or a 1.5 hour flight.

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