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Quanzhou No. 5 High School

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Quanzhou No. 5 High School

Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China

(Fengze District)

Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport (15-minute taxi from school)

Xiamen International Airport (30-minute bullet train from Quanzhou city)

Daily breakfast at the teacher’s cafeteria


​Writing, Literature, History, Economics and US Government. Grades 1, 2, 3; which is a three-tier enrollment structure equivalent to American grades 10, 11, 12. Non-core courses also taught, as needed.

Quanzhou No. 5 High School is two miles from the teacher’s apartments and the apartments are located in the World City Mall. Where most teachers travel via bus, taxi or electronic bike to the school site. The mall apartments are 15 minutes, by taxi, from the (traditional) downtown city-proper. Buses also have downtown routes that run regularly. The mall is located in front of and behind the apartment buildings and it has a myriad of restaurants, cafes, stores, movie theaters and complete shopping necessities. Adjacent to the World City Mall there are additional shopping centers and restaurants. There are also two gyms located within walking distance of the apartments. 

The World City apartments include four separate 27-story buildings. Every foreign teacher has a similar apartment to that of their colleagues and with very few differences in structure and décor. The apartment buildings are kept clean and they are very safe. The interior of the apartments is simple and moderately furnished. As the photos will show, they all have a bedroom and living room. The bathrooms are of adequate size. The kitchen area is small but very functional. The view can either have its resident overlooking the city or toward the ocean bay. The latter of which is very visible.

Off Campus

Quanzhou is the original Maritime Silk Road and the historical city renowned for its association with Marco Polo. It is also one of the two cities that founded the martial art of Kung Fu, made famous by the Shaolin priests. Their temples, and those of other native religions, are throughout Quanzhou and many other historical sites are present and easily accessible. Some of which are thousands of years old. The city sits between Shanghai and Guangzhou, two Tier 1 cities that are popular with tourists and famous worldwide. Quanzhou is a Tier 3 city. The tier categories are contingent upon population, economic girth, tourism and other criteria. But not dictated by historical significance, as Quanzhou is considered one of the most historically important cities in the country. As with all cities in China, Quanzhou is extremely safe and has a very low crime rate. But is considered even safer than most cities of its size. Moreover, Quanzhou has an incredibly low cost-of-living status. In fact, that status is one of the best in China and the Yuan (RMB) thrives. Perhaps most importantly, Quanzhou has excellent air-quality. Largely because it is located next to the Taiwan Strait and sea breezes and frequent rain persists.

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