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Balboa International Education  cooperating with local high schools is able to offer a stand alone Balboa International Education  English Literature course.

The Balboa International Education
  Single Course highlights are:

  • Balboa International Education offers a full U.S. education, including honors and Advanced Placement Courses.

  • All courses are taught using original American high school textbooks

  • Balboa International Education provides programs with an excellent support team.

Classes available for the single course program:

  • Introduction to Literature and Writing A

  • Introduction to Literature and Writing B

  • World Literature and Writing A

  • World Literature and Writing B

  • American Literature and Writing

  • British Literature and Writing

Our teachers are highly qualified American teachers who work closely with Balboa International Education
 to ensure all students receive an excellent education.

Educational Materials
To ensure that the education between the international and American classrooms are properly synchronized, all of the classroom materials used in internationally are the same as the classroom materials used in California.

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