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Balboa School Basketball Victory

The Balboa School men’s basketball team competed in their first competition in China on Thursday. Despite just arriving and suffering from jetlag, the Balboa Force won a decisive victory over the number 1 high school basketball team in Guangzhou province. The Guangzhou Experimental High School basketball team tried their best but was no match for our Balboa School team, who won their first game 89-41. Great job and we can’t wait for the next game!

Balboa School Head Coach, Zachary Jones, receiving a welcome gift from the Vice Headmaster and the star player of the local team.

David Wisner, President of Balboa School, standing with the Vice Headmaster from the Guangzhou Experimental High School

Students from the Guangzhou Experiential High School men’s basketball team asking a Balboa team member about his first impressions of China.

Local students watching the game.

Both teams together after the game.

Balboa School Coach Zachary Jones proudly stands next to the final score showing Balboa School’s victory.

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