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Visa FAQs

Note:  The work visa process in China is extremely complicated with the central government issuing regulations, however each province and sometimes cities issue their own regulations in direct contradiction to the central government and both regulations are on the book.  Asking two different visa officers the same question might result in two opposite answers. 

We at Balboa International Education try out best to provide the most up-to-date information for our employees despite this complicated system.

Steps involved in getting a work visa

1. Authenticating your highest degree

U.S. Embassies and Consulates cannot authenticate diplomas or other educational credentials from universities and schools in the United States, or provide notarial services related to such credentials. In an effort to be of assistance to U.S. citizens who wish to present academic credentials from the United States for use in foreign countries, a step-by-step guidance is provided on the website:

Authentication of American Academic Credentials  (This is an external website)

2. Police clearance or record of non-criminal conviction


U.S. Embassies and Consulates do not generally provide fingerprinting services.  Please consult  (external website) to find a location near you in the United States.

3. Passport

Your passport must have 12 months left before the expiration date and two blank pages (1 for the visa and 1 for the entry stamp).  

Note: The last three pages of the US passport are not visa pages but pages for amendments and thus can not be stamped by customs or used for a visa. 

Note: If you have an expired passport with a Chinese visa it is best to bring that with you when you apply for your new visa.  The embassy/consulate may or may not require this.

The visa application must be typed up without errors.  Most embassy/consulates do not accept hand written applications.

4. Passport Photo

Please bring two passport photos when applying for the visa.  This must be printed on picture paper, generic A4 white paper is not acceptable.

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