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Welcome to the Balboa International Education team.  

We know that starting with a new company can create feelings of excitement and anxiety.  Whether you have lived in China before, are living here now, or are about to start your adventure in China for the first time, we have created some important documents to take away that anxiety that we ask all those new to the team to read.  

Many of us at Balboa International Education have lived in China for over 10 or even 20 years and have a wealth of information that we want to pass on to make your time here in China and with our company a memorable experience. 

These documents will cover a range of topics from living and working in China, what to pack?, My first week in China, what to except in the classroom, our employee handbook, as well as many other important topics.  

So please take the time to read the documents and if you have any questions whether it be professional like how often should I assign homework? or personal like where can I buy deodorant? (this is a real question because it isn't as widely available as back home), we at the Balboa International Education team are here to help.

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